Every moment is designed just for you! Each morning, children and adults will be welcomed for a moment of pure well-being with the practice of yoga. We will begin with half an hour of FAMILY YOGA, after which younger guests can release their energy through creative play activities led by Kay. During this time, our ‘bigger’ guests can continue with their yoga lesson.

Nutrition is an integral part of our program. Together, we will taste the organic products grown on the farm; true “zero kilometre” produce! Our culinary workshops will be run by our professional chef Antonella Fazio, offering seasonal-inspired recipes!




We love art and being creative leads us to view things in a different way. We love the opportunity to meet new friends or meet up with the old and share all of these moments with our little artists. So, creative ateliers, in Kay's company, will be designed around Recycling and we will be fully hands-on in colours ... flour ... earth...; the dirtier we are, the happier we are!

What we need is quite simply to play, play and play; BE HAPPY AND STAY KIDS!!! Be aware that are no television or video games are at Pulicaro – we love having fun in the open air!


We will take the time to visit magical places such as the Bosco Sasseto, also called the "The Fairy Tale Forest". Giant tree trunks, twisted branches, moss-covered boulders, tall ferns, the songs of birds and the shy undergrowth flowers turn this special place into a magical world.

IMG_7020-2 - copie.jpg

We will sail on Lake Bolsena, walk along the footsteps of the Etruscans and meet local dwellers who preserve and pass on their ancient arts with passion and enthusiasm. We will breathe the scents... taste the flavours and... get our hands dirty! Want to know more? Come and visit us!!