cooking WORKSHOPs

To complete the daily yoga practice, ateliers of traditional vegetarian Sicilian cooking will be held by our “creative food mind”, Antonella Fazio, well known for her healthy and extremely attractive personal recipeswhere Italian tradition is enhanced by the richness of Mediterranean products.

Each cooking creation will be prepared using organic, zero-mile foods. A guided visit to the local market will demonstrate how to chose healthy, natural products for the confection of balanced foods that side perfectly with your yoga practice. You will be plunged into the history and culture of Sicily with each of activities offered in our program.

In Yoga, the body is called the annamaya kos'a, a Sanskrit word meaning "made of food", emphasising the close link between food, mind and body. The body is in fact considered to be the first level of the mind, the most external and material, the means by which the mind interacts with the outside world.

We are what we eat! That is why nutrition is such an important subject to explore!

pranzo vegano-150.jpg

some of our master plates...

creative KIDS workshops

Our afternoons will be spent discovering different activities, some devised for adults, others for children - so that everybody can enjoy themselves! 

While the older guests have their second yoga class or cooking workshop or just a relax time, the younger ones can spend their time giving free reign to their creativity with Kay.

We love art, being creative and new ways to look at things, we adore live art retreats connecting with old and new friends and sharing our creatives moments with our little artists. 

We will propose recycling & cooking workshops, we will enjoy our time using children imagination to create amazing handcrafts. 

What we need it's just play, play and play : KEEP HAPPY AND STAY KIDS!!!

With Kay, your children can enjoy creative afternoons, she is also available upon request in the evening if you wish to indulge in a romantic walk around the town, or in the morning if your child is too young to participate in the yoga lessons!







some of kids handcrafts...